Through Bolts , Single Clip Type

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Item No.: 030107
Material:Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Grade:4.8, 5.8, 6.8 (Carbon Steel)
Finish:  Self Colour, Zinc Plated, Zinc Yellow, HDG
Sizes available from: 
Diameter M6 to M24


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Material:carbon steel&stainless steel
Not require precise hole depth or hole cleaning out.
Anchor can be hammered below the surface of the concrete when no longer needed.
The one piece clip is formed around Anchor.assuring full expansion for dependable,
superior holding prower.Expanding clip will not fall off or twist in the hole.
The test values listed beneath were obtained using 200-250kgs/cm concrete (no aggregate).
A safe working load should not exceed 25%of stated value.


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