• Hot Forged part order is in production

    The scope of exporting has been expanded to Hot forged parts  including container cam locking fittings
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  • Hot forged parts order is signed ALREADY!

    The factory is producing the new order of  Locking Device fittings 
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  • What is Drop-in Anchors

    LONDON, July 6 – Citi analysts sum up the situation on markets with their comment that bullish and bearish forces might cancel each other out, leaving global equities more or less at current levels in 12 months time. The bearish forces? One number doing the rounds is that re-openings affect...
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  • Atend  2019 International Fastener Expo(US)

    Atend 2019 International Fastener Expo(US)

    During Sep.16 to Sep.19 Our Sales Director Sonia attended  2019 International Fastener Expo  in Mandalay Bay Convention Center of US. Our products draw the eyes of local customers and the purchasers from the Europe market. Most the customers had a sincerely conversation ...
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  • Purchasing new testing equipment

    Purchasing new testing equipment

    June 26, 2019 In order to improve the accuracy of inspection, a new testing equipment is purchased as the first one in 2019. The factory will have the other three equipments in August
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  • Strongly push 6S management

    Strongly push 6S management

    June 1 to 12, 2019 All the staffs positively participate in the plant management, familiar ISO production management operation and 6S management The factory strongly pushes"6S"activity and has a complete set of testing instrument and integrated management system We alrea...
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  • The workshop is refurbished

    The workshop is refurbished

    May 18, 2019 We are sure that good workshop environment will greatly improve the workers’ satisfaction to enhance the efficiency of production workshop
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